Current Issues

Product presentation SAPHIR 2050

Barrel Plating of Chrome - is that possible?

SAPHIR 2050 is an innovative barrel process for the deposition of chromium. It eliminates the time-consuming and tedious process of attaching small parts.

Product presentation


In the decorative as well as functional area of electroplating, chrome layers play a decisive role. The bright, shiny and hard layer has a high value in the fittings, furniture and automotive…


REACH: Use of substances subject to authorisation (Annex XIV)

According to Article 66 of the REACH Regulation, you as a downstream user are obliged to notify the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) of the use of a substance subject to authorisation that has been…


Communication in the supply chain regarding substances of very high concern

Since October 28, 2020 suppliers, producers, importers or distributors of substances of very high concern (SVHC) in their products can report in the SCIP database of the European Chemicals Agency…


Chromium(VI) use

On December 18, 2020, the authorisation for chromium trioxide finally granted five out of six applications applied.


SAPHIR 2000 EPT Passivation Mechanism

Important details about the passivation mechanism of Saphir 2000 EPT.


New Alkaline Zinc-Nickel Processes

With OPAL 5000 and OPAL 7000 KIESOW DR. BRINKMANN recently launched two new alkaline zinc-nickel processes.


Cobalt-free Black Passivation for Zinc-Nickel Surfaces

With PROSEAL CF 550 the company KIESOW DR. BRINKMANN GmbH & Co. KG presented a new black passivation of the PROSEAL CF range for alkaline or acidly deposited zinc-nickel coatings.


Chrom(III) - a genuine alternative to chromium(VI)?

Since the inclusion of chromium (VI) in the list of substances subject to authorisation the interest in trivalent chromium plating processes has been on the increase.

Surfaseal 440

Chromium-free Passivation for Optimum Adhesion

Qualitative and quantitative coating inspection and process monitoring possible.

Surfaseal 440

Chromium-free Passivation before Varnishing

Environmentally friendly pre-treatment with QUALICOAT authorisation.


SAPHIR 2000 (Trivalent Chromium)

The trivalent chromium process SAPHIR 2000 was integrated into the existing electroplating process.

Phosphate coating

Nickel-free Zinc Phosphate Coating SURFACOTE 222/223

Our new phosphate coating produces a homogeneous, finely crystalline zinc phosphate coating on steel surfaces.

Product presentation

SURFACLEAN 995 – borate-free liquid cleaning agent

Immersion cleaner for the degreasing of stubborn fouling such as polishing pastes or machining oils.

Product presentation

Cobalt-free passivation agent for zinc

The PROSEAL series is a passivation system developed specially for high corrosion protection of zinc and zinc alloys.


PROSEAL XZ 130 – Blue passivation with temper resistant colour

Our new chromium(VI)-free blue passivating agent PROSEAL XZ 130 produces on electroplated zinc surfaces a sparkling blue passive film.