Abrasive Belts / Industrial Adhesive Tape and Glues

Abrasive Belts / Industrial Adhesive Tape and Glues

3M - Abrasive belts

3M Abrasive belts are top class. The precision type 3M Trizact has a uniquely structured pyramid surface. The structured abrasives are a real opportunity to dramatically reduce the grinding process: Fewer stages, shorter sequences and less operations.

We can deliver Scotch-Brite articles, for grinding, burring and producing satin finishes on all types of metals.

Starcke - Abrasives

We make up abrasive belts in various dimensions from the company STARCKE which has manufactured abrasives for more than 100 years. In Germany they dispose of the most advanced installation worldwide for coated abrasives.

You can often replace the old fashioned mechanical operations of welding, screwing, riveting and clamping by the use of 3M Industrial tapes and adhesives. If you want to know more about how this can be achieved, we can provide the advice.