Product presentation SAPHIR 2050

Barrel Plating of Chrome - is that possible?

SAPHIR 2050 is an innovative barrel process for the deposition of chromium. It eliminates the time-consuming and tedious process of attaching small parts.

Product presentation


In the decorative as well as functional area of electroplating, chrome layers play a decisive role. The bright, shiny and hard layer has a high value in the fittings, furniture and automotive…


SAPHIR 2000 (Trivalent Chromium)

The trivalent chromium process SAPHIR 2000 was integrated into the existing electroplating process.

Phosphate coating

Nickel-free Zinc Phosphate Coating SURFACOTE 222/223

Our new phosphate coating produces a homogeneous, finely crystalline zinc phosphate coating on steel surfaces.

Product presentation

SURFACLEAN 995 – borate-free liquid cleaning agent

Immersion cleaner for the degreasing of stubborn fouling such as polishing pastes or machining oils.

Product presentation

Cobalt-free passivation agent for zinc

The PROSEAL series is a passivation system developed specially for high corrosion protection of zinc and zinc alloys.


Future-orientented passivation

PROSEAL NP-300 is a new conversion coating which not only meets the requirements of the EU Directives on Used Vehicles and the RoHS concerning the freedom from chromates but even goes a step further.


PROSEAL XZ 130 – Blue passivation with temper resistant colour

Our new chromium(VI)-free blue passivating agent PROSEAL XZ 130 produces on electroplated zinc surfaces a sparkling blue passive film.


SURFACLEAN 688 – pH-neutral rust removal

Our liquid product removes oxide and scale layers from iron and steel surfaces at pH values between 6.0 to 7.0.


PROQUEL OF with great success

Our product contains polyfluorinated tensides. These substances are used worldwide in large quantities as successor products to PFOA and/or PFOS and are currently in line with the state of the art.