3-Component Approach: The traditional methods of handling industrial waste water are normally sufficient for the removal of heavy metals. Mineral oils however have a disturbing influence on these processes.

Binding of oils

AW Sorb

This is where our AW Sorb provides an ideal solution. AW Sorb absorbs mineral oils and forms a sludge. The purification phase of waste water is then free of insoluble hydrocarbons. SORBAN is chemically neutral and does not increase the salt content in waste water. The precipitations should form into large flakes which can be easily filtrated. However, some additives used in production processes, prevent the quick formation and settling of these flakes.

Sedimentation accelerator


Our flocculant SEDAC 705 provides a solution to this problem. Unlike common materials, our liquid concentrate does not require a swelling up period. Just mix water with SEDAC 705, stirr the solution and the final mixture is ready for immediate use.

Precipitation of metals


Sometimes, heavy metals, such as copper and nickel, form stable chelates with ammonium salts, EDTA/NTA, gluconates, citrates or related compounds that keep the metals suspended in solution. Our REPLEX 705 has the ability to radically precipitate these in a very short period of time.