Solid and liquid compounds

The right choice for your request! Since our establishment in 1921 we have developed and produced high-performance polishing agents in solid and liquid form.

Solid and liquid compounds
High quality raw materials

Polishing Compounds

High-grade raw materials

Our products contain high-grade raw materials in a condition that is always consistent. Constant checks also ensure a first-class quality standard.

The residues accumulating during polishing can be removed particularly well with the proven degreasing agents from the EKASIT® und SURFACLEAN® series which are specially tailored to our products.

Besides hand-sized pieces in paper and blocks you can also purchase compounds from us as automatic machine bars in various dimensions and weights. Ask us for information!

For liquid compounds we have following options:

  • IBCs (approx. 1000 kg)
  • Conical containers (approx. 900 kg)
  • Buckets (approx. 35 kg)

Special sizes on request.

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Delivery program

Solid compounds


Grinding greases of various hardnesses refine polishing appearance and refrigerate during grinding, they increase the service life of the grinding belts used. 


Grinding and brushing compounds with particularly stable grains are used for brushing, matting and satin-finishing of all metals.


Pre and polishing compounds on all common metals and plastics.


Effective polishing compounds are intended for non-ferrous metals.


High-grade colouring compounds with special polishing grain produce brilliant lustre on all surfaces.

Special compounds

Specialities, but not limited to, compounds for polishing of precious metals and plastics, diamond and PTFE-compounds.

Delivery program

Liquid compounds


Grinding oils and compounds with various viscosities keep grinding belts open and improve grinding performance.


Compounds for brushing and satin finishing of aluminium, iron and stainless steel.


High-pressure stable polishing compounds, tailored to all metals and plastics.


The finest colouring compounds ensure mirror-like gloss.

for solid and liquid compounds

Dosing technology

If you are interested in automatic, compressed air-driven solid compounds feeders with limit switches or high-pressure dosing guns for liquid compounds, please contact us.