SYSTOPASS protection against tarnishing

The SYSTOPASS range provides outstanding protection against tarnishing and discolouration of silver surfaces. KIESOW tarnish protection procedures are valued because of their durability and their simple handling.


Two different technologies

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Metal passivation

The advantages of SYSTOPASS AG 118 are the extreme durability, the simple handling and maintenance and its robustness. It is chemical passivation that by means of a conversion layer makes the protection of the silver coatings possible. On surfaces passivated with SYSTOPASS AG 118 adhesives can be used.


  • extremely durable
  • easy handling
  • robust

Organic passivation

SYSTOPASS 180 is very versatile and is applied to decorative and technical precious metal layers. Components can be chemically or electrolytically treated in SYSTOPASS 180.

The passivation layer produced is markedly thicker, a fact which significantly improves the protection against tarnishing. SYSTOPASS 180 is designed for drum, rack, and in particular strip electroplating systems.

  • Effective protection against oxidation and discolouration
  • Chemically insulating, water and dirt-repellent effect
  • Improves the scratch resistance and the coefficient of friction
  • Retains the physical properties of contact and weldability


  • Protection against oxidation
  • Water and dirt repellent
  • Improves scratch resistance