Scanning electron microscope

Research and development with assistenz of the scanning electron microscope.

Cross sections and simple surface structures can be analyzed and photographed in our laboratory using a standard reflected-light microscope. However, microscope images with a high depth of field can no longer be visualized by using this conventional method. The scanning electron microscope provides a remedy at this point.

In contrast to the reflected-light microscope, the scanning electron microscope (SEM) enables images to be taken with high magnification and extremely high depth of field. We use this advantage specifically for the detailed representation and assessment of our produced surfaces, such as phosphatings, passivations and galvanic layers in the field of research and development.

X-ray micro-analysis

EDX analysis

In addition to excellent topographic imaging (SEM imaging), elemental analysis of conductive surfaces can be performed using EDX (energy dispersive X-ray analysis) to determine the chemical composition of the surface.

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