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New Alkaline Zinc-Nickel Processes

Products for barrel and rack

Due to its special characteristics OPAL 5000 is especially suitable for barrel application. In this case primarily the outstanding throwing power with a very good coating distribution can be mentioned. Added to this is the quite homogeneous distribution of the nickel incorporation rates across the entire current density range as well as the actual ductility of the zinc-nickel deposits applied. Also advantageous is the attractive ratio of the concentrations of zinc to nickel in the electrolyte in order to ensure the necessary nickel incorporation rates of 12 – 15 % on the products.

For this process, moreover, a gloss additive was specially developed that develops its effect particularly in the low current density range. Thus the deposition shows an excellent gloss throwing power. This takes effect in a particularly positive way in the recesses of hollow parts or in the threaded area of screws, where usually matt grey zinc-nickel deposition occurs.