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SAPHIR 2000 (Trivalent Chromium)

Investment in the future

In many different sectors trivalent chromium is on the advance, and particulary the innovative idea of health preservation is a motivating motor. By now there is hardly any difference between the colour of chromium layers of hexavalent and of trivalent chromium. Particulary the areas of furniture and shop-fitting are very innovative here, and hence it was also only all too logical and understandable that Lehmann GmbH & Co. KG from Minden, a furniture  lock manufacturer which to date did not have any hexavalent chromium in its portfolio, occupied itself intensively with the challenge of trivalent chromium in order to integrate it into its existing electroplating plant for diecast zinc. Jointly with the technical manager, Dr. Arndt Brandes, and the head of electroplating Mr. Udo Beining the trivalent chromium process SAPHIR 2000 from the company KIESOW  DR. BRINKMANN GmbH & Co. KG was integrated into the existing electroplating process.

By means of this measure the restrictive provisions to be expected or the banning of hexavalent chromium are actively countered at an early stage. On the other hand once again the level of vertical manufacturing and thus the flexibilty were increased. A particulary demanding topic is the circumstance that the trivalent chromium layers have to be applied without exception to low-glare nickel coatings. Due to the wide range of parts of different locking mechanisms special demands are made on the trivalent chromium electrolytes. These demands are met by strict adherence and continuous analysis of the trivalent chromium electrolyte SAPHIR 2000. With regard to the checking of the electrolyte training courses were held on Lehmann's premises in order to especially sensitize the plant and electrolyte operators concerning this new process. The fact that the trivalent chromium system SAPHIR 2000 is free of complexing agents and it was hence possible to transfer it to the existing waste water treatment plant and to treat it without any problems made it easier to decide in favour of the system's integration. Additionally, a special adsorber resin system ensures constant separation quality by means of continuous cleaning. This is for the Minden furniture lock manufacturer ultimate proof that it made the right decision in favour of the chromium System SAPHIR 2000 from KIESOW  DR. BRINKMANN GmbH & Co. KG.