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SURFACLEAN 688 – pH-neutral rust removal

Our liquid product removes oxide and scale layers from iron and steel surfaces at pH values between 6.0 to 7.0.

In combination with degreasing agents from our SURFACLEAN range it can also be used in case of slight greasing of the work pieces for spray or immersion cleaning. In a pre-treatment process, e.g. before powder coating, an acid pickling solution with appropriate rinsing stages is thus saved and the work sequence is markedly shortened. The use of caustic liquids is hence avoided.

The rusted work piece (see illustration) was derusted and degreased in SURFACLEAN 688 in combination with SURFACLEAN N 1100, after that zinc phosphated in our SURFACOTE 333 and subsequently powder-coated. In the illustration the individual treatment stages can be seen.