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SURFACLEAN 995 – borate-free liquid cleaning agent

Cleaning agents containing borate are frequently used for degreasing aluminium or other alkali-sensitive non-ferrous metals. Due to the buffering effect, borates stabilise the pH value of the degreasing solution, as a result of which an attack on materials such as brass or die-cast zinc is prevented. On the basis of new findings, borates have proved to be toxic to reproduction, which is why preparations with borate contents above 8.5 % have had to be identification marked with the symbol GHS 08 since 01.12.2010. In addition sodium tetraborate and boric acid have been included in the SVHC list by the European Chemicals Agency. 

Our EKASIT and SURFACLEAN degreasing range provides a number of borate-free alternatives which are not subject to this marking.

For example SURFACLEAN 995 is suitable as an immersion cleaner for the degreasing of stubborn fouling such as polishing pastes or machining oils. Polished surfaces made of aluminium and non-ferrous metals are not affected by this cleaner. SURFACLEAN 995 leaves behind a hydrophobic film which is removed in a classic pre-treatment line upstream of the galvanising process in a further work step with a mildly alkaline cleaning agent. 

SURFACLEAN 995 can also be used for intermediate cleaning before further mechanical processing steps. As the cleaning agent is salt-free, no disturbing salt residues remain on the surface. The hydrophobic film additionally makes the drying process easier and protects the work pieces from corrosion during interim storage. 

The tensides used in SURFACLEAN 995 are biologically degradable in compliance with the statutory provisions.