Polishing and Buffing Wheels / Discs / Brushes

Polishing and Buffing Wheels / Discs / Brushes

We can supply polishing and buffing wheels in a range of common sizes up to 1200 mm in diameter.

We only use selected, tightly woven, tear resistant cotton cloth. This top quality material is then enhanced through a chemical treatment, which greatly improves the performance and life of our polishing and buffing wheels, providing an added advantage of a reduction in the amount of buffing compounds to be consumed. Through many different forms of construction we manufacture, we are able to meet our customers needs, including the production of “tailor-made” products.

Our sisal buffing wheels and brushes are made from long fibre raw material which can be supplied in the natural form or with different impregnations as required. A special line in our range producing a satin finish are corrugated or laminated wheels made with a Scotch-Brite material (a fibrous pad with a cutting/polishing property).

Abrasive wheels, matting discs and wheels

Our products are made from nylon fleece with embedded abrasive grain, they are manufactured in different wheel constructions and used for light sanding, burring, cleaning (incl. paint removal) as well as for various finishing techniques (satin, matting).

By using different abrasive grains varying results from coarse to very fine can be achieved. Mainly red fleece with aluminium oxide grain is used. Grey fleece contains the harder silica carbide grain.

  1. A 002 = A 80, extra coarse, approx. 80 grit
  2. A 004 = A 100, coarse, approx. 100 grit
  3. A 006 = A 180, meduim, approx. 180 grit  
  4. A 007 = A 280, fine, approx. 280-320 grit
  1. S 004 = S 100, coarse, approx. 100 grit
  2. S 006 = S 180, medium, approx. 180 grit
  3. S 007 = S 400, fine, approx. 280-400 grit
  4. S 008 = S 600, very fine, approx. 500-600 grit
  5. S 009 = ultra fine, approx. 900 grit

Density respective hardness of the matting discs and rollers are influenced by the number of lamellae. For special applications, the number of lamellae can be customized.

We offer the following standard versions:

  • Hardness 5 (LD, Low density = soft)
  • Hardness 7 (MD, Medium density = standard)
  • Hardness 8 (LD, Low density = soft)

A rotation speed of 15m/sec. should not be exceeded as excessive heat will cause the fleece to leave a residue that can only be removed by additional sanding. A lower speed will create a coarser matting picture. High application pressure will create higher heat, leading to premature wear of the disc.

Grinding and matting

Pre-polishing and brushing

Our sisal rings and sisal discs are used for light burring work as well as for coarse and fine polishing processes. Sisal fibre is obtained from the agave plant and processed to produce different fabrics.

In order to achieve the highest possible abrasion resistance, we process only fabrics and cords made of long sisal fibre. In some types of rings, pure cotton fabric is also incorporated in order to improve the polishing performance. We offer a large number of impregnating substances which increase aggressiveness and service lives and ensure better absorption of the polishing agents.

Impregnating substances Colour Hardness
D-25 Colourless Very soft and flexible, especially for aluminium and brass
SB Green Soft, slightly sticky, for aluminium in conjunction with cord brushes
D-35 Yellow Soft to medium hard, for all metals
D-50 Yellow Medium hard, for all metals
D-100 Red Hard, predominantly for steel and stainless steel
SA Orange Hard, preferably for steel and stainless steel
SA/C Blue Very hard, for steel and stainless steel
SA/C Extra Violet Extra hard, high aggressiveness, for stainless steel

Sisal discs and sisal wheels

Polishing and Colouring

Polishing wheels and polishing discs made of different cotton qualities have a wide range of applications. They are used for aggressive pre-polishing as far as streak-free buffing or final colour buffing.

Cost-cutting polishing, that is slight working-off of the wheels with simultaneously good polishing results, is a key point of our development work. 

Our cotton fabrics, which are produced according to specified quality features and are constantly checked, always guarantee consistent polishing results. In order to exclude the possibility of confusion, our fabric materials are for the most part marked with different coloured tracer threads. 

In the case of our products all the threads of the fabric stand at an angle of 45 degrees with the ends outwards. In that way fast fraying is prevented and homogeneous machining is ensured. 


Due to many possible combinations of fabric types and constructions, compact wheels with a high percentage of fabric can also be used for finest colour buffing. To increase aggressiveness and service life, our cotton qualities 1001 G, 5001 G as well as 1017 and 5001 Z are provided with a special treatment. 

Polishing wheels made of these fabrics are markedly more stable and permit higher surface pressure. On the outside the wheels are fleecy as a result of which solid and liquid polishing compounds are very well absorbed. 

GSI - Finishing Process

 The GSI finishing process developed by us imparts to the fabrics high-lustre polishing characteristics and noticeably increases the abrasion-resistance. Shorter machining times and the associated saving of polishing steps yield cost advantages in the application process. In addition on request we can also roughen our polishing wheels in order to reduce the running-in period. Thus, due to the numerous design and equipment variants, these high-performance wheels are optimally suited both to flat and profiled work pieces.

Polishing and buffing wheels / discs